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In the face of today’s jumbo lawsuits, the liability coverage you now have on your home and auto may not be adequate. There is a third layer of protection available.

To protect yourself and your family, we strongly recommend a Personal Umbrella Liability Policy. A Personal Umbrella Liability Policy provides an additional layer of protection over and above the limits on your auto and home to protect you against a catastrophic lawsuit or judgements.

Why do you need a personal umbrella policy?

  1. Do you own a home?
  2. Do you own a vacation home?
  3. Do you own waterfront property?
  4. Do you have a swimming pool on your property?
  5. Do you own more than one automobile?
  6. Do you own a luxury automobile?
  7. Do you own a power or sail boat?
  8. Do you own a dog?
  9. Do you have above-average family income?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, you could be a target for a lawsuit. Even if you answered NO to all questions, there is always a possibility of being sued.

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